Wednesday, November 09, 2005


The adventure continues…

David and I decided to make a club of it, creating the rules as we go along. On the night of my birthday along with my friend Leslie, we ate at Sibling Rivalry. We scanned the room for our next victim… There were only a few tables occupied within the near vicinity. An older couple, halfway through their dinner and a table of two couples, just starting dessert. We realized then that we need to find people that were just sitting down. Send our random app before they have ordered their meal. A few tables over, a party of 8 was just beginning to assemble. We thought about sending apps to that table, but with such a large group, we felt that the gesture of one appetizer would be lost, and we could not afford to send four.

As we savored our fried calamari with a Vietnamese salad of carrots and mango, a mother/daughter couple sat at the table right next us! Aha. Of the three appetizers we had ordered, the calamari was the clear favorite. However, David prodded, and I eventually agreed, that they would not be the type to enjoy fried foods. Se we agreed upon an appetizer of pumpkin ravioli with sage. He was right! They were so effusive in their appreciation.

As we were leaving, and they were just on their entrees, we had the opportunity to talk with them and hear their story. They were visiting from Santa Barbara… visiting the law schools that Daughter was applying to, including Hahvahrd. Mother found Bostonians to be quite rude… every cab driver… when she told them she wanted to go to the Four Seasons, the shoulder they got was colder than a January night. They were heartened by the first nice gesture since their arrival three days prior. They insisted that we visit them in Santa Barbara so they could repay the favor.

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