Saturday, December 10, 2005


The crowning moment…

I had had a rough day at school, and needed to do something nice for myself. I started to drive to No. 9 Park ( hoping that I would find David before I arrived. Alas, I never did, so I perched myself at the bar towards the end. My favorite bartender John was working that night. He has an incredible ability to remember his customers, make everyone feel special and create a convivial environment. An older gentleman walks in and immediately John offers, as if we were sitting 3 doors down in the famed Cheers bar, “Grey Goose Martini with extra olives?” Of course, he remembered exactly what the man wanted. He sat in the empty seat to my right and we immediately started chatting about the virtues of pre-dinner cocktails. Of course, John already knew that this man had a friend meeting him. So the person sitting to my left was displaced so that we could make room for the next guest. When he finally arrived, I introduced myself to him, and then to the man I had been chatting with. As it happens, I had been talking with the most famous car dealer in Boston, Herb Chambers.

I went back to my wine and the menu… ordering the Assiette of Baby Beets, toasted pistachios, Humboldt Fog chèvre followed by the lobster gnocchi with truffles. The gnocchi were so tender, and the lobster perfectly briny, that I decided to continue the tradition without David. I sent a random app to the kind soul who was displaced earlier so I could stay on my perch. Much was the appreciation that he sent in return a glass of champagne. As he was making his way to depart, he came over to chat with me. As it turns out, he is a Kennedy cousin. We had a delightful conversation that ended with an invitation to the Sunday brunch he was hosting with his girlfriend.

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