Wednesday, March 01, 2006


"Serving up Kindness" in the Herald

Last week, we shared a fun evening - including a Random App, of course - with Mat Schafer of the Boston Herald, and he kindly wrote about it in today's Herald. See how all this kindness can be contagious?
Julia Shanks and David Karp are making the world happier, one plate at a time. Since October, the two friends have been surprising strangers at restaurants with the gift of a free appetizer. They chronicle these “Random Apps of Kindness” on their blog,

Shanks is chef/owner of Interactive Cuisine, a company that offers corporate team-building through cooking lessons; Karp is a software marketer. When the two go out to dine, they peruse both the menu and their fellow patrons.

To read more, you'll have to buy a copy (or several copies) of the Herald. Or just visit the link above where you can subscribe to Mat's food and dining column via RSS. And while you're at it, make dining out more interactive, break out of your New England shell, and share a Random App of Kindness with a stranger!

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