Monday, April 03, 2006


East Coast Thrill

My friend Maya was eager to try giving a random app of kindness. After all the stories, the experience sounded like more fun than she was willing to pass on. So we trotted over to East Coast Grill for an evening of lively conversation, delightful food and a little bit of kindness. East Coast Grill creates the perfect mix of casual dining and special occasion – with a menu ranging from BBQ to fabulously fresh fish.

We sat down at 6:30; an older couple sitting next to us, was already enjoying appetizers. They were celebrating her birthday. They dine at their at least 3 times a year… for her birthday, for his and for their anniversary. In fact they just celebrated 45 years! We talked about the restaurant, the food business and their children.

A few minutes later, a mother daughter couple sat down several tables over. We decided that they should receive a random app. We sent the #1 Tuna with Tostones and Avocado that we were already enjoying: perfectly creamy avocados tossed with cubes of super-fresh, raw tuna, seasoned with chilies salt and lime. The tostones, crispy twice fried plantains were perfect for scooping up.

The waiter brought over their dish and they nodded and said thanks. No curiosity, no amusement. They returned to their conversation and laughter. Maya couldn’t resist finding out how the story ended so she walked over to their table. The daughter was visiting the mother from Ireland. Apparently, in Ireland people send free appetizers all the time, so it did not seem unusual to them.

We continued our meal with a Greek salad: a brighter version of the classic dish, with roasted grapes and savory pita crisps. The grilled Bluefish was served with Roasted Sweet Potatoes and wilted Kale, a piquant sauce drizzled around the edge.

As we were leaving, the birthday couple was enjoying key lime pie and a chocolate torte… compliments from the restaurant in celebration of life and giving. I guess it was just that sort of night.

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